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The way most people see it and other teams see it they are undersize. Two 6'3 guards can't carry a team. Both are the same player except that Curry is getting more accustomed to be a PG where as when Monta plays PG he might can give you 10 assist in a game but he will also have about 7 turnovers to go along with it.

If Monta was to play with a guard like Andre Iguodola who is has that ability to play Point-Forward and handle the ball then Monta would be a beast with just scoring the balling and not have to worry about playing out of his comfort zone.

Thats why I say that Curry should be the future of the team. I actually would like to see Reggie Williams as the starting SG and he has the ability to play Point-Forward and the backcourt wouldn't be undersize.

Its fun watching small guards run up and down the court, but people fail to realize that having two undersize guards in the backcourt are a liabilty on defense and it will really come back to haunt teams in the playoffs when they have top play bigger backcourts.
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