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Default Re: The history of Sonics coaches... from a contemporary perspective

I hope that we get our Sonics back. Well on to your questions:

1) Who's your favourite coach now and why?
Other than Phil Jackson, I like George Karl, not because he was a Sonics coach, I have liked his coaching style since he was with the Cavs, in 1984-86I like coach Karl's simple offensive system and his focus on the defensive end. He likes to push the tempo when the chance is there. But his halfcourt system is pretty simple; high post offense, screen and roll at the high post.

2) Describe the system that your team's coach favours.
Being a Suns fan, we are all about the offense; 7 seconds or bust.

3) Among "young" coaches, who do you think has the brightest future?
It really depends. With the way fans react to a losing season and owners are quick to fire a "young" coach, it is hard to say. But I think that, if D-Rose can stay healthy and the Bulls front office don't screw things up, Tom Thibodeau (Bulls) has a really bright future. I also like Avery Johnson (Nets),if we can call him a young coach, and Scott Brooks (Thunder). They have owners that back them 100%. Plus they have some good pieces around them. So those are my three picks.

4) What system would you use if you were an Nba coach?
Since I coach high school basketball and use the Triangle offense, when our uptempo is stalled, I really like the Triangle offense. The triangle is complicated but it is really a simple offense once the players get the movements down. I like the triangle because each player can showcase their talents.
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