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Default Re: Game 73 Bucks @ Bobcats 3/28/11 7pm

Originally Posted by onewickedlady
Boris is a real enigma.

Whenever trading for a player from an uptemto team, always multiply their numbers by 0.7 .

Yes, that's just how ridiculous simple stats are.
Imagine Felton averaging 17 points a game with the Knicks, yet his FG% and 3PT% are both considerably worse than last season.
Felton has barely improved, if any.

Anyway, in the case of Boris Diaw...

His standard deviations of all statistical categories I believe...are gigantic.
Typically a team doesn't want such a player to play for too many minutes because it's too uncertain what this player brings to the table, maybe 20 points at 60 FG%, maybe 0 point and 0-for-9? but I suppose we don't have much of a choice, especially with just 1 center alive. (yes, I consider Diop and Pryzbilla evaporated from NBA, not dead of course)

BTW, has Diaw ever dunked in the NBA? I find him getting slower and slower every year and can't even leap.
Looking at the Diaw-Suns remix on Youtube, damn are they even the same player? One's like Josh Childress and today's Diaw looks more and more like a fat tanned moustache-less Morrison.

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