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Default Re: Im not the biggest Lebron fan but...

Originally Posted by rizzy
That's one thing that made the city of Cle so attached to Lebron, guy was ALWAYS out in public, in Akron, downtown Cleveland, at normal clubs and bars your average person would go. I've personally caught him out three times downtown, I stood 5 ft from him and Varajao at LUX. Not in a gated VIP. Kobe takes a chopper to practice hrs away, Lebron hops on 77n and is in Independence in 10 min

Celebs go to Hollywood because the public treats them like a normal person rather than a celeb. That's how the city of Cle treated LBJ, like a Clevelander.


How long do you think it would take if Kobe took public transportation from his home to practice?
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