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Default Re: 2011 NBA Draft

More O'Conner:

Many saying 2011 NBA Draft is the weakest in at least a decade: I always hear that kind of stuff. But there'll be somebody that steps up that plays, and plays better than they're supposed to, and you say, 'Boy, that kid shouldn't have been drafted at 13 or 14 or 12.' But he was, and he's done great and I hope that's the guy we pick if that's the case.

Good luck! With your track record I wouldn't expect much.

Chances of packaging picks and moving up: Well, we did that once before and it worked pretty good. If you go back and look at a number of people that have done that over the years, I think you'll see it is very few. History tells that one through five is something that works a lot better percentage-wise, as far as good players go. If I've done it before, then people aren't probably going to want to do it with me.

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