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Default Re: Carmelo Physical Defender

Originally Posted by Christofire
another game where he exhibits his defense....Why Carmelo why dont we see you do this a bit more consistently. When he defends i think he;s one of the better on ball defender among the superstar players because of his physicality and his ability to deal with physical offensive players. It's nice to see him go to work on that end. Hopefully he keeps up where he's left off defensively in the last 2 post seasons.

He's a very very solid man to man defender when he wants to be, thats why I don't buy into these assumptions people have that he can't play D.

You know what I think the problem is though honestly. It's his conditioning. He doesn't have that 48 minute fire that some players have. I remember Latrell Sprewell would play 42 minutes and be just as energized on both ends of the floor with 4 minutes left in the 4th as he was during the first posession of the game. Some guys just naturally have those genetics, whether it's hormones, or body type, or what. Carmelo, despite being strong, has kind of an untoned slightly soft body type; if you look at his arms for example he doesn't really look like he works out much (even though I'm sure he does). You've seen those types of guys in the gym, they're strong as an ox for a couple of reps, but they don't have the stamina to continue it for long periods of time. The type of guy who'll max out with 3 reps of 300lbs on the bench, but can only do 185 12 times. While you can look at a guy like D-Wade and he looks absolutely jacked.

It was also noted in Denver that Melo's diet isn't that good. Right before he was traded and he was on that scoring tear, right after he dropped 50 he attributed it to finally starting to eat healthy.

So I think it comes down to dieting and conditioning for him.
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