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Default Re: Nene the raptors #1 FA target

Originally Posted by el gringos
Its all about the perfect fit next to your best player- this would make the toughest frontcourt to cover in the nba
Then all you do is draft a power 3 type like jones, vesely is maybe, elias harris, or in a perfect world P jones. Perry because I think he might be the best player in the draft and terrance because I think he might be the perfect choice for the Raptors if there was a guy in the middle like Nene-

What are you talking about? Everyone knows that Amir Johnson is our best player, Bargnani is a 15th man at best, isn't worth of a spot on any team in the NBA, let alone a starting spot.
Prettyprettypretty please Colangelo, trade Bargnani for nothing, we had enough of his frekin' offensive minded game, he doesn't rebound the ball, his defense is the worst in the history of the world, we want a real C OMG.

(I saved many guys the effort of writing this shit, since that's the only reply you'll get on this board. Me, I'd love to see Bargs and Nene paired up, and I really hope that happens, wether it's in Toronto or in Denver. btw, if Nene ever comes to Toronto, it will take 3 months at worst for Raptors fans to call him an overrated 3rd stringer )
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