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Default Re: Nene the raptors #1 FA target

Originally Posted by Skywalker
Oden could be good but better come cheap since he's made of glass.

Yaa I suppose.

People mention about trading Barges in the other thread and I specifically did NOT want to hijak this thread - but there is a perfect fit here. Barges would be a valuable piece in Portland - and Odens contract could be structured to match penny for penny. Both guys have talent and probably need a new environment to reset expectations.

I did say "take a flyer".

Oden at 70% of what was promised and focused on being more of a Big Ben center than a Shaq/Howard game changer might in fact be unbeliveably awesome with a rotation of :

Oden/Davis/Johnson/Demar/Draft pick <insert Kemba or Knight>

I mean not game 1 but 2 seasons from now.

I would do it.
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