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Default Re: Nene the raptors #1 FA target

I don't want Nene, even though he brings a lot that would be good fro the team right now, because he's seven years older than Davis and DeRozan. Since we aren't contending any time soon, I want our team to be built to peak when they and our next few draft picks do. I don't want the Raptors to bring on anyone older than about 23-24 unless they are very cheap veterans who have a lot to teach the youngsters.

Oden is a huge risk but one I think I'd take. A team in the Raptors' position have to swing for the fences with their player acquisitions. If they build incrementally they'll never get far, but if they keep gambling on young players who might develop into superstars one or more moves may eventually pay off. Then when that potential is there the team can be cautious again.

(Oh and obviously, while I'd like Oden, I wouldn't give up the only keepers on our team to get him.)

Oh yeah and since this thread is all hijacky already, I really want us to get Rubio, who I see as in the same big risk/huge reward category as Oden but for different reasons. In a dream world Minnesota could be persuaded that Kevin Love's dynamism and ferocity could be well complemented by Andrea Bargnani's complete lack of same. In the real world, I'd give the Timberwolves our pick for this year provided it didn't turn out to be high enough to land Irving.

My dream Raptors summer-

Draft Barnes
Trade Bargnani (+ whatever) for Rubio (+ I presume a bad contract or two)
Sign Oden

Next year's Raps starting lineup (completely unrealistic)-


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