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Default Re: Raptors Open To Dealing Bargnani

Originally Posted by Grey Dawn
A little something on Griffin: Blake Griffin's Dunk Contest fiasco is analogous to his whole rookie season, lots of 'wow factor', but once you get past that he/his team still deserves to lose.

Griffin is an awesome athletic freak and all that, but if the Clippers expect Griffin to be their centre-piece in coming years, they will be in the exact same position as the Raptors have been in expecting the same of Bargnani. Griffin is to dunks what Bargnani is to long range shooting...a one trick pony. Yeah sure Griffin can aggressively rebound too (something we know will never happen with Bargnani), but his game is so incomplete, ragged, etc. and he's already become a massive chucker because the Clips are happy to just throw him the ball then sit back and see what happens. Highlight dunks get the Clips media face-time. Plus that will get him bad foot/ankle injuries that will side-line him for much of his career.

So as Bargnani did for TO, Griffin represents FOOLS GOLD for the Clippers, in terms of elevating to a next level team.......but hey the Clips will sure rake in the promo dough while he lasts.

Slam dunks all over sports show highlight reels DO NOT equal team success. How are Tyreke and the Kings doing this year? Yeah.
your an idiot and clearly don't watch Griffin play
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