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Default Re: Just watched Blade Runner for the first time...

Originally Posted by oh the horror
Yeah, I actually went out and bought that on dvd after seeing it on cable. I thought it was awesome. Yet another one of those movies where you walk away asking questions though. To this day, I still wonder if the blonde broad was the Devil, and wtf was the deal with the castle?

Both are horror/suspense movies. The pacing in them is what drives you up the wall the most, and plays with your senses. By the end of the movie, you're climbing up the walls just dying to find out wtf the big deal, and or secret is because they've been putting you "on edge" the entire time. One is creepier though, and I believe its Suspiria, due to the style in which the director films.

Everyone is telling me to go for that as well. Im probably going to search through Netflix.

Suspiria is actually part of a trilogy, and I use the word trilogy loosely. It's not really a trilogy like say...Back to the Future, more like the Man With No Name, where the same theme or symbolism is used. It goes Suspira, Inferno and then Mother of Tears

Start off with that to finish off the trilogy if you'd like.
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