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Default Re: Just watched Blade Runner for the first time...

Originally Posted by Clippersfan86
I know! The chick in the beginning.. that they just invite into the car. You could tell that bi*** was bad news! I would of driven off as fast as possible! Did it have that Stephen King feel in your opinion? We seem to have similar taste in movies. If you see any others on Netflix bump this thread. Have you seen Invasion of body snatchers or mad max? I just saved those.

The chick may have been bad news, but she was hot in that movie, so I can see how someone wouldnt want to say "no" to that.

To be honest, im kind of surprised that its a King doesnt have that feel at ALL to me.

Maybe im just used to his 90s shit like Pet Cemetary, the Langoliers, and Creepshow. Things that he was involved with, but the direction on the films had a cheesy feel to them. And while Dead End was cheese as well, it was pretty damn good too....not saying the others werent good, but it didnt feel the same. I dont know...

And I saw the Invasion of the Body Snatchers on there, but havent watched it yet. Mad Max...I watched that 100 years ago...I need to rewatch, because I hardly remember it.

I recently watched Jim Hensen's the Dark Crystal. Awesome.

Originally Posted by pete's montreux
Suspiria is actually part of a trilogy, and I use the word trilogy loosely. It's not really a trilogy like say...Back to the Future, more like the Man With No Name, where the same theme or symbolism is used. It goes Suspira, Inferno and then Mother of Tears

Start off with that to finish off the trilogy if you'd like.

So none of the films have really anything to do with each other?

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
Also the shark vs zombie underwater which was in a commercial not too long ago.

Right, because a zombie, battling a shark is awesome. It teeters on being "epic"
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