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Default Re: Nene the raptors #1 FA target

Originally Posted by BoogieWoogieMan
Agreed. He will be the perfect 6th man like a Jamal Crawford. Problem is starting next season (I think, too lazy to check the facts) he's 10 million a year will kick in and who would want someone who could only provide scoring (and not consistently mind you) for that big of a hit, especially if the salary cap becomes smaller after the new negotiations.

Milwaukee is a small market team, if we're going to dump Bargs on them, we're going to have to take another bad contract in return. I just want AB to get traded for a second round pick or something, just cut our ties and move on...

If someone was willing to take Hedo (not once but twice), there will be someone that will take Bargs. He will have offers, even with his contract. Its up to BC to man up and admit that he did take the wrong player at the first. Bargs will just simply never live up to the expectations that were put on him in Toronto.
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