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Default Re: Nene the raptors #1 FA target

Originally Posted by BoogieWoogieMan
Hedo hit clutch shots and helped a team reach the NBA finals, what are Bargs credentials?

At Hedo's age as well, teams still took him. In the NBA, teams are more than willing to take risks most of the time they do it out of desperation. Teams got desperate and took risks on Hedo 3 times, even when we thought it wasn't possible for anyone to take Hedo. Raps signed him after getting rid of Marion, Phoenix got him after losing Amare, and Orlando took him in after losing consecutive games. I believe we should at least get a decent return for Bargs, whether you want to believe it or not someone will take him in. He is talented he just needs Colangelo to let him go and a team to take him with no pressure that a number 1 pick usually receives.
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