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Default Re: what's your definition of a "loser"

Don't consider social outcasts losers.
Don't consider poverty-stricken child laborers loser.
Don't consider nerds or geeks (for the most part) to be losers.
Don't consider stoners to be losers.
Don't consider crazy, misunderstood people loser.

Do consider guys raising other sons' kids losers in the biological sense.
Do think that Peter Keating and James Taggart are losers.
Do think that the act of intentionally trying to stick out to separate yourself even if you ain't special is indicative of loser.
Depending and mooching excessively into old age is pretty loser-ish (goes for both genders).
Lacking social skills and financial acumen is loserly.
And bragging about marijuana, Catz is loser.
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