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Default Re: what's your definition of a "loser"

Wait, how is being a racist a lozer?

I mean I'm not remotely fond of those type of people, but if they lead successful lives in whatever communities they had (success being measured by money, happiness, good to others etc..) than how odes it make sense to deem them loserz?

I mean you can even have friends of evry flavor, shade, and color being a racist. Look at Dolphin for example. He hates blacks and vietnamese, but he still won't mind hanging out with them.

Believing in your races inherent superiority and beating others via manifest destiny is the trademark of a historical winner. Rudyard Kpling fkking said so. Rome. Germany until '44 or so. Persia. Mughals. Mongols. The Indian caste system depends on it. And Xenophobes can be winnaz.

With that said, I completely agree with you guys in regards to calling those types losers in order to discourage that behavior or those viewpoints. It's time for whitey to die and hold second seat to us swaggerful minorities.
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