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Default Re: Lopez vs. Howard

Lopez with 3 rebounds in 40 minutes against the Heat without Kris Humphries playing (so no excuses that Humprhries takes away rebounds from him). And again, shot a poor percentage, because he settled for jumpshots.

Not to mention, his double teams are as weak as can be, he doesn't even pressure the guy with the ball, he just stands there with his hand raised like an idiot.

He made Zydrunas Illgauskas and Erick Dampier look like freaking Duncan and Robinson.

I'm obviously not blaming the loss only on him, but Lopez is a proven loser. You will not win a championship with him as your #2 or even #3 best player on your team. The fact that he is called a "cornerstone" is laughable.

We are not set at the center position, and he is becoming more and more expendable in my eyes.

Please let us be able to trade him for Dwight Howard. That way, we can actually have a center with a pair of balls, and Lopez can go to Disney World anytime he wants to.

Lopez is a bum, a class A bum. A clutz, a loser, a wuss, a wimp, a mental midget.

If I were 7 feet tall, I swear I would own EVERY rebound that came into my vicinity. I wouldn't let some punks get the best of me.

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