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Default Re: Raptors Open To Dealing Bargnani

As to my point in the other thread about swapping Oden and Barges... or Chandler and Barges... whatever deal makes sense for both teams and players...

....Toronto Star and I quote...

Still, the Raptors’ 102-98 win over the Magic on Sunday night amounted to the latest measure of Howard’s essentialness (not to mention the alarming increase in Toronto’s intensity level when Andrea Bargnani rides the bench in street clothes). With the Magic up eight points and seemingly poised to cruise to an uneventful win in the opening throes of the fourth quarter, Howard took a five-minute-plus respite on the bench.


Now I dont want to belittle anyones opinion here. Barges is a very good offensive player with some great shooting skills...and he will add value as a 6th man or a starter on the right team (like Portland where they are commiting to Lamarcus to be the 5). Further at $10M per season his contract is fairly reasonable and many teams would be interested in him.

Simply put he does not match the future of this team anymore.

Nor will he ever because he was the first overall pick some 4 years ago and the fans and the media expect far more of him than he can contribute to this franchise.

Time for Barges to move on; I think even the management recognizes it. He needs to reset expectations somewhere else.
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