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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

We need to take the best player available regardless of position. We have guys who can play multiple positions right now so moving someone from PG to SG or from C to PF isn't a big deal. We need the best available player.

The Morris brothers should not be lottery picks. I'd be very upset if we took either of them.

I'm not sold on Kanter. Even Calipari said he wasn't as good as what Cousins was when he went there. It's so hard to judge him based on the fact that he didn't play in college this year too. I have to believe a guy that would've coached him.

With that said, I'm not really sold on any of these European big men that are all supposed to be lottery picks. At least one of them is going to be the next Darko, if not two of them. In Darko's defense, he has gotten better but with a fairly high lottery pick like Detroit will have this year I'm not looking for a guy who can only start on a handfull of teams. I want a solid starter that has the potential to be a star.

Sullinger we can quit talking about because he's not even in the draft and if he was he'd be too high of a pick for us.

I think there's a couple of guys who could go anywhere from 3-8 and could potentially fall to where the Pistons will be selecting.... Perry Jones and Harrison Barnes. I think these two guys (besides Irving) have the most star potential in the draft. They also could end up being mediocre. They are a gamble that will either end up really good or just role players. With as weak as this years draft is I think that's a gamble that needs to be taken. I don't like the way Barnes was used at UNC and actually think he'll fit much better into the NBA game. He started out the season slow but actually conformed to the system there where he was mainly used as just an outside shooter and started to do well with it. That tells me he's smart enough to fit in anywhere. I think Jones is a freakish athlete that will probably be more of a SF in the NBA. He could be a McGrady like scorer (pre-injury) if he works hard enough.

I'd also be fine with drafting Kemba Walker. He's probably the best player I've seen at UCONN and they've put plenty of guys in the NBA. He's not a pure PG but he is a scorer that can create his own shot and doesn't back down from a challenge. Detroit doesn't have anybody besides Stuckey who can create for himself. They really need another explosive scorer. I'd be fine with Stuckey moving to SG for a guy like Walker to start at PG. Maybe we could even trade BG at that point. If we could bring in another 1st round draft pick it would help out Detroit tremendously.

I'd also be happy with Jimmer (even though people don't think he's worth a pick that high). Again, he's an explosive scorer and a great shooter. I think he has the size and toughness to excel in the NBA at PG. The thing with him is not only did he score well but he made the people around him better. He still dished out a fair amount of assists too. I think his game is going to translate to the NBA better than most do. He's kind of like what Steph Curry was his last season in college. Most didn't think he'd be that good in the leauge.... I think he's proved them wrong.

John Henson is an interesting pick. He kind of reminds me of Austin Daye though. Daye is actually bigger. Henson will definitely need to put on a lot of size. He's a huge project. He showed signs of being a decent rebounder but I'm not sold yet. I'd say pass on him for what our team needs. Daye is further along than he is and is a better scorer.

Some think we might end up with Brandon Knight too. Again he's not a pure PG either. He was more of a scorer. I like his size and like I did mention above we do need another scorer. I wouldn't be upset if we ended up with him.

A lot of people think we might end up with Jujuan Johnson out of Purdue in the 2nd round too. I'd be elated if that happened. I think for a 2nd rounder he has a good chance of making it in the NBA. I thought he did a spectacular job for Purdue this year. He could still add another 10-15 pounds and probably will. The thing I like about him is he rebounds well and blocks shots. Those are numbers that always translate from the college game to the NBA. He's not limited offensively either. It kind of makes me wonder why he's not projected as a late 1st rounder....

We never know..... Joe D could be looking to move up in this draft too. We need to see exactly where everyone will be picking. This year it might be easier to move up since right now people are saying this isn't a good draft. While overall it is somewhat weak there still are some really good players to be had in the lottery. Detroit isn't going to land FA's. I know we all think of it as a great destination but the fact of the matter is they will need to hire a new head coach, haven't won in a couple years, and the city has really got a bad reputation in the press. I can't remember the last time a star FA signed in Detroit. BG and Charlie don't count, Webber was at the end of his career, Sheed was traded for..... I think the only way we're going to get better is through a trade and/or the draft. Besides we won't really have much money this year anyhow. I think if we can resign Stuckey (and maybe T-Mac) and make a good move in the draft it will greatly help things out. Prince could be on his way out still. I know Joe D said he wanted to keep him but I'm not sold on the fact that Prince wants to stay yet. Let's try to get as high of a pick as we can and get the best player available regardless of position.
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