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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

I agree that we need to kind of ignore position. I probably wouldn't take the Morris twins in the lottery either, though I'd start thinking about Markieff at the end of the lottery. I just don't know Marcus' position.

I'd take the chance on Kanter probably. No, he's not as good as Cousins, but he's better at certain things and a better fit. He's not a headcase and he's physical and a good defender, which Cousins is not. While Kanter is skilled, he'll never be the elite scoring big Cousins will be if he lasts in the league. He'd be a great pair with Monroe up front and there just aren't enough good bigs in this draft to pass on one of his talent, considering our position.

Draft Kemba and trade him to Philly for Jrue Holliday(we'll include more probably)? I've always coveted Holliday and I don't think he fits in Philly's future plans. Put Kemba with a guy like Turner who can run the piont and I think you have something really dangerous.

I'd rather not tough Henson or Knight. I'm not big on combo guards and I don't know what Henson can play at this level. He's a backup big, energy off the bench I think. He can't start for the type of team I'd like to build.

Screwy as he is, it'd be too hard to pass on Perry Jones. he and Daye would be an interesting combo at the F spots and occasionally the 2/3
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