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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

Originally Posted by dd24
If I knew for sure Kanter would be a great defender and rebounder I'd draft him ahead of any of the other players I talked about. I don't need my C to be a great scorer, especially when you have a guy like Monroe who will probably end up getting about 20ppg. I need my C to be a guy to lock down the middle. I'm not certain Kanter is that guy yet. Maybe there will be some footage between now and draft time that can persuade me. The Europeans are so hard to judge because we never see them....

If we could get a guy like Jrue Holliday I'd do that too. I'm not sure Philly wants to trade him though. I really like his game though he hasn't progressed as much as I thought he would this year.

i think its been hard on Jrue because they take the ball out of his hands a lot. He has the size, shooting, defense and ability to run an offense that we want in our PGs though. He could be another Chauncey type IMO. i don't know what we could give for him though.

Nobody knows for sure if Kanter can be a great defender/rebounder, but I think we are in position to take that gamble. We don't need perimeter guys and there are no other defensive Centers in the draft. Kanter has size,physicality,skill and great BB IQ. Not much tape,but he's practiced against Kentucky's talented team and has always done well when he's played over in Euorpe, at the Nike thing etc. It depends on the situation, but I think we would be hard pressed to pass and that's not because I think Kanter is a sure thing or anything like that.

I could see a scenario where he falls to 7 too, especially if Kemba moves up, which I can see at this point honestly. Irving,Williams,Valanciunas,Vessely,Walker,Burks,J ones and Montejunias and maybe another guy or 2 like Jimmer,Knight or T.Jones all have potential to go ahead of us. odds are it doesn't play out that way, but who knows.

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