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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

Originally Posted by Nastradamus
its rare in the NBA, but I'd love to trade down for 2 guys. Gimme Faried and Darius Morris or something like that. Probably not those 2, but I'd love for Faried to be one of them.

I think in a draft like this you have to trade up. This draft isn't deep enough to trade down. I like Faried, but not enough to trade down for him. We need a potential superstar player. We have none on this team right now. If we were able to move up into the top 3 we'd have a much better chance. Honestly, I like what the Cavs did by getting another lottery pick this year. If they end up getting the top pick and say something like #10 they'll have some nice pieces to build around. They might even be ahead of us at that point. They realize nobody wants to play in Cleveland so they're going to have to draft them :). I think it's the smart thing for teams who aren't Miami, NY, or LA to do.... In order for us to get better we really need to grab one of the stars of this draft, regardless of position. Then hopefully we could trade off what we don't need for players we could use (or expirers) and hopefully more picks down the road.
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