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Default Re: Kissing another man on the lips

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
I think Dick just greets peoples with kisses. He kissed those kids woth the check, he has probally never seen them before. He kissed somebody elso during Saturday night. Chuck also looked like he didn't see that lip action coming.

Lol Charles def did not see that coming...AT first I actually thought he was the one that kissed dick

That kiss was very strange but d!ick is old...old people can get away with that sort of thing

The wayne birdman kiss was strange too but birdman helped bring up weezy so I can see where it came from

Saying all that I still think its weird to kiss your parnts on the lips if your over the age of 12 but its not disgusting

P.S sorry for the rambling..Im drunk
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