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Default Re: Can Bobcats wins 36 games ??

Originally Posted by Jasper
I'll lay it out :

Indy has the best chance to get the 8th seed.
But if you look at their schedule it is pure murder.
This team is not experienced enough to fight thru .500 teams home and away to get to the playoff's.
Would it help Indy ? (I'd say Bird would rather see another draft pick while Hibbert and their new upstart PF matures another year)
Bucks - forget it , they are pathetic.
So I created this thread to see if the Bobcat fans see what I see.
Win 36 games and your in :
Houston L L
Spurs L L
Indy W L - true disaster !
Boston L W - true upset !!
NY W W proved some doubters here
Bucks W W- without a center
Cavs W W Kwame B. monster game
Orlando L L
Wash W L - horrible
Cavs W L - horrible
Orlando L
Heat L
Detroit W
Atlanta (playing for nothing (W/ L)

8 wins 36 - 46 (in the playoffs on Silas's back)
Helps MJ's bottom line.

Bucks , Indy & the Bob's don't deserve to be in the playoffs , but a spot is open and needs to be filled.

Lets see if they play up to my potential (I am a Bucks fan , but I also like the Bobs as well as MJ - so I cheer)

I'm out of here - 36-37 wins could of done it... they missed a few opportunities , and Indy showed their cred in the last 20 games (which was the toughest schedule of the 3 teams)

lottery MJ - make your pick
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