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Default Re: How to lock the #1 seed and homecourt

We should aim to beat Cleveland, New York and New Jersey. Those are all more than winnable games and we should do what we have to do in order to get those Wins. If we do that we'll have the #1 seed.

Because with 5 games left... we need 3 wins to clinch the top seed.

If we lose to Boston and Orlando we would still be a game up on Boston if they win all of there remaining games which I don't see them doing.

But I see the Bulls beating Boston and Orlando and really making a statement before the playoffs start. We just have to make sure we don't play down to competition and take care of business against the Cavs, Knicks and Nets.

Boston and Orlando are teams that we will most likely face in the playoffs and beating them in our last matchup against them in the regular season would give us a nice advantage over them mentally on top of having home court advantage.
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