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Default Re: How to lock the #1 seed and homecourt

I'm sorry, but I disagree with that.

First off, Boston is pretty beat up right now. They are good, and find ways to win, but we shouldn't let them get an easy game, just because we aren't focused on beating them. If we beat them, we need to win 1 more, and then we can rest, if that's what the hard work ethic of this team truly wants to do.

Second off, let Orlando slide? Anyone that wants to see Rose win the MVP knows this game could become the decider. There is NO letting off the gas here.

If you want to win the title, you can't take the easy way out of the regular season. At least not when they aren't truly experienced in the playoffs.

Big games we need to pay attention to:
Boston at Miami this Sunday
Spurs at Los Angeles next Tuesday
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