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Default Pro Bush 'Traditionalists' Suck. Their views are based on religion&withholding rights

Bill O'Reilly claims there is a "culture war" happening throughout America where 'Secular progressives' or commonly known as "Sp's" are trying to change our 'beloved USA'. Not only is Bill O'Reilly the most arrogant bigot bastard that has a TV show, they have a special network made specially for kissing the as$ of the Bush administration.

Let me go over the basic pro-Bush "Traditionalist" values
  • For a senseless war
  • For pointless death penalties
  • hypocritically then against abortion
  • Somehow against stem cell research to cure cancer
  • Don't "Believe" in global warming
  • Some still for segregation
  • Against minimum wage (actually has a reason, unlike the rest)
  • Anti Gay Marriage
  • Don't believe in separation of state and church (Hell, ask P-Rob, he still thinks it isn't)
  • For Domestic spying
  • For warrant less searches
  • For warrant less wire tapping on domestic lines
  • Anti first amendment
  • Anti Marijuana

That's just a small portion of the list that these people believe in.

Now, don't get these people confused with true right wingers + libertarians. Their are good conservatives who still believe in personal freedoms. For example, Libertarians, known for their "Far right economic views" hate to be considered right wing; This is because they don't believe in the one way spectrum, just because they are 100% for capitalism, they truly believe in small government. They aren't with held by these pro Bush idiots, they believe in decriminalization of Marijuana, Stem cell research, Anti patriot act... they are for the constitution as true right-wingers should be.

Now, for the pro-Bushers: What the hell is wrong with these people? Do they have a mental defect? I mean, everything that goes wrong in this country, they just blame on liberals without reason or rationale. True, only about 30% of the country still approve of Bush, but that's 30% too f*cking many. Anyone who thinks they should give up personal freedom for a false sense of security should be deported.

"Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety"

---Benjamin Franklin

Why are people against Stem cell research? I mean, there is a reason (although irrational) for being against abortion, but to be against Stem Cell research has no logical reasoning behind it. All that it proves being against it is that people are anti-science and purely blind pro-catholicism. Now, I'm not anti Christian, hell I'm a baptist myself. But, I'm annoyed by people who withhold reason when they vote.

Now eliminating it down, it is shown that 95% of the Bush supporters are one or more of the following:
  • Neo-Nazi
  • White Supremacist
  • Classic Nazi
  • Blinded Catholic/Protestant followers
  • Fascists
  • Anti Gay (Hardaway voted for Bush)
  • Or simply not educated enough to understand politics
Now, that worries me that that big of a chunk of our population(30%) is still degraded down into these people classes.

I'll stop for now.
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