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Originally Posted by Nastradamus
Well i think trading up might be tough. What do we give? I also think there wont' be a potential superstar available at the 7 area. If someone grades out well, then things change. I'm not saying trading down is my #1 choice, but I could see it being a good idea depending on the situation.

First we have to hope there's a new CBA reached otherwise the NBA draft will be like the NFL draft where we won't see players getting traded. The Pistons have assets they are willing to move. I could see a Prince sign and trade happening. If he's going to walk they're going to try to get something for him. I think Joe D will also do his best to move Rip. If Ben Wallace decides to retire they could also move his expiring contract. We could all cross our fingers that BG was moved

It will be tough to get another high level player at 7 again. First we need to see where the balls end up. Maybe we luck out and end up with a really high pick anyway. More than likely that won't happen but we can only hope. It's not like the team with the worst record typically gets the #1 pick. That's how the Wizards got Wall last year.... I don't think the Cavs are a lock for the #1 pick. They're the most likely but that doesn't mean it will happen. If we did somehow end up at #7 (again), there are a few guys that I think might fall and and end up like Monroe for us. I see Perry Jones and Harrison Barnes as guys that might be like that. They have really high ceilings, but people might shy away because they have the potential to be mediocre too. I'd be willing to take the risk.
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