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Default Re: Pro Bush 'Traditionalists' Suck. Their views are based on religion&withholding rights

just to clear some things out:

Bush = Bad President

I never said I liked Bush. i am merely a right leaning libertarian who dislikes the GOP, but has a few gripes with the left as well (and because this board is so littered with Blue Staters, I can easily get misconstrued as a Bush ******ger) I dislike his spending, I thought the Iraq war was initially just, but after all this deliberating and waiting, it has become a bad thing just sticking around and having troops die all the time and getting some progress in the way of elections and freedom, but general peace.

the fact you went through so much trouble shows your dedication to your beliefs.

the 95% of Bush supporters which you mentioned is a stereotype. I don't dispute there is truth in there, but that is a big assertion and quoting for numbers would really help your cause.

and also remember another thing:

over 50% of America (the Red States mostly) voted for Bush so that shows that at least half of America support right wing ideals.

and Oreilly is arrogant and pompous, but he has a slight truth regarding the "culture war." most of it is just trying to light a fire under the liberals, but the only truth I take from it is that decency and civility are slowly going out the window. not pointing fingers because I believe the right is as much to blame as the left.

and as a side note:

Kerry could have very easily won teh election in 2004 if one thing did not happen:

Margaret Marshall, a Massachusetts Supreme Court Justice whose final vote legalized gay marriage, was probably the Democrat's downfall that year. it came at a bad time (a few months before the election) and it was not exactly the most Constitutional thing to do. many believe that Congress should have made that law, not the Judicial branch. but either way, the swing states were having a tough time and ordinary Middle Americans, who did not openly embrace gay people, did not like it and decided to either throw their potentially Democrat vote away or voted Republican.

but fear not, a new era is coming soon. you really can't go wrong. you have the staunch Democrats in Hillary and Barrack. not to meniton a maverick moderate in McCain (though the sending troops issues may hurt him a bit)
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