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Default Re: How overrated is Kyrie Irving???

Originally Posted by jlauber
Gone are the days when you KNEW just how good a player would be BEFORE they were drafted. These "one-and-done" players, who put up average stats in half a season are a pure crap-shoot.

And it just amazes me how many of these kids who put up ordinary stats, against inferior competition, and then throw their names into the draft. Let's face reality. Most of those that now stay in school are probably so bad that they know they have no chance at the NBA. So, we really don't know how good the better players are, since they are facing the "rejects."

I don't blame the players. If NBA teams are willing to throw millions at unproven kids in HOPES of leading their teams to titles, then they deserve it when many of those kids flop.
True, there has been quite a few who could've used couple more years in college (Marvin Williams comes to mind). I don't think Irving is one of them however. This thread is asking to be bumped few years later when Irving meets the expectations.
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