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Default Philosophers prove existence of God and why you should be a person of faith

okay not really.

but I checked out of of the Philosophy classes on my campus, and pretty much all of them deal with proving or disproving God's existence.

Check out this crazy one:

(1-1) + (1-1) + (1-1)... = 0
1 - (1+1) - (1+1) ... = 0
1 = 0

you've created SOMETHING out of NOTHING.


but using calculus and infinite series you can disprove that. but it shows how zany these guys are.

moreover, they argue that you should believe in God because since you don't know what will happen, you may as well do it to be on the safe side, since if there is Armageddon, you'll be safe, and if there isn't, no harm done either.
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