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Default Re: How overrated is Kyrie Irving???

Originally Posted by PleezeBelieve
Off the top of my head, the Cavs and Raps fanbases have convinced themselves that this guy is Jesus in a point guard jersey. They actually want to tank and trade established NBA players just for the best opportunity to draft this dude.

Don't ask me how, but its a fact.

Now moving on... when's the last time a prospect received so much hype for basically doing nothing?? Duke won the championship with the same team he re-joined and basically stymied ball movement in the loss against Arizona.

The guy is a 6'1 attacking, scoring guard that many have convinced themsleves is the best point guard prospect since Jason Kidd.

What the hell are people smoking, man???

Kyrie is a VERY, very good PG prospect. He is also more than just a 'scoring guard', and is a little taller than you give him credit for (6'2" ish), with poise and maturity.

The fact that you blame the 'Zona loss on him makes me question your basketball knowledge at all. First off, its the NCAA tourney, and secondly, he sat nearly the entire season with an injury. Hard to get into the flow of things that quickly, especially for a freshman, in the tourney.

Being a part of a lackluster draft class doesn't hurt him either.
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