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Default Re: How overrated is Kyrie Irving???

Originally Posted by alwaysunny
Blame the current rules that benefit the guards, not the players. We've actually had very good prospects likes of Oden and Bynum who had superstar potential if it weren't for injuries. Nonetheless current Bynum is still a very solid player.

I'm a Laker fan, but when I watch him play...he can barely jump, and he has no range. And yet, the center position is so awful, that he is probably among the top-5 in the league. I HONESTLY believe that he would have been in the BOTTOM tier of NBA centers in the early 70's. Lanier, Cowens, Unseld, Reed, Bellamy, Thurmond, Gimore, McAdoo, Hayes, Kareem, and Wilt...ALL either better, or MUCH better. And Walton was already better, in college, than Bynum has been in the pros.
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