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Default Re: How to lock the #1 seed and homecourt

Bulls have all but sealed up HCA over every team except SA.

I don't think both teams will make it, since that would be too good for me. :P So getting HCA over SA will very likely not come into play anyway.

The tough games coming up would be @Magic and @Knicks. I think we'll drop one of those. Spurs probably aren't going to lose to the Jazz or the Suns. But they might to LA. Bulls would basically have to win out the season to get HCA over them. I'm a bit skeptical about that happening. At least they will have HCA over the whole east soon as they beat the Cavs! Having that shit locked up with 3 games to go is just hilarious.

Bulls are easily going to the ECF at least. They've got big time momentum and confidence right now too.
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