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Default Re: How to lock the #1 seed and homecourt

Originally Posted by Crystallas
Ah, you're right, we would have to win one more game, or Boston would have to lose 1 more game.

(-) Tie breaker not needed (better overall winning percentage)
(1) Division leader wins tie from team not leading a division
(2) Head-to-head won-lost percentage (This remains tied 2-2)
(3) Division won-lost percentage (Does not apply for teams out of the division)
(4) Conference won-lost percentage
(5) W-L Percentage vs. Playoff teams, own conference
(6) W-L Percentage vs. Playoff teams, other conference
(7) Net Points, all games
x-Clinched Playoff Berth | o-Eliminated from Playoffs contention | e-Clinched Eastern Conference | w-Clinched Western Conference
nw-Clinched Northwest Division | p-Clinched Pacific Conference | sw-Clinched Southwest Division | a-Clinched Atlantic Division
c-Clinched Central Conference | se-Clinched Southeast Conference
*-Games remaining vs.Teams Over/Under .500

If the bolded is true, then that means. . .

If Spurs win all 3 games, Bulls can't get HCA even id they win out the season.

The Bulls would have to win out the season, and hope the Spurs lose their game against LA. Even if they won the other two, that would give Bulls the tiebreak.

If the Spurs lose one of their last three games, but it's not to the Lakers, the Bulls can win out the season and still won't earn HCA since the Spurs would have a better record against playoff bound west opponent than the Bulls do against playoff bound east opponents.

If the Bulls lose to the Magic or Knicks, the Spurs can lose to the Lakers and lose another game, and still have HCA.

So it's looking pretty unlikely that they will get HCA over SA, without Popovich resting dudes and throwing away HCA potential over Bulls. Spurs also only have 3 games left, to Bulls' 4. So they're not only sitting with one less loss, but 2 more wins already as well.

Best to just be happy about getting eastern conference HCA. It's a pretty epic feat. . . One win, and HCA for whole eastern conference. Two wins and that's HCA over every team besides SA. Not bad.
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