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Default Re: 2011 NBA Draft

They'll never be that good with Harris though so they have to try and find a new PG with their draft picks.

They need to because they need a young guy to develop. Harris appears to have passed his prime already and Watson certainly has. Might be able to get someone like Sessions? I think he's a free agent?

This team is going to be good though.

When? How? You need stars. They've got a couple potential stars that play the same position.

Adding a healthy Okur

Big assumption to think he'll ever be healthy. He'll at least be a valuable trade asset. He'd be a nice back-up if he was healthy and not making over 10 million a year. LOL!

and a more seasoned Favors to Milsap and Jefferson up front will make them very tough to deal with in the post.

It makes them seriously undersized. All those guys play the same position. Where's the length? If Millsap can play the 3 and Jefferson the 4 and they can finally get a center worth a damn they might have something?

Hayward is also improving and AK47 is coming back from all reports

What reports are these? O'Conner saying so? LOL! Wouldn't believe anything that guy says. AK probably wants to come back but NJ and others will certainly try to lure him away. IF NJ is ready to give him a front office job it might be hard for him to say no.

so they should be solid at the 3 spot as well. If you made Miles the 6th man with OJ starting you'd have a lot of firepower and depth.

Solid is going to make you one of the worst teams in the league. You need stars. That's why you don't give up one of the best players in the league without shopping him for the best offer.
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