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Default Re: Philosophers prove existence of God and why you should be a person of faith

philosophy is fun because you can pretty much talk ****, and if you like read bull**** other people came up with. It's a mental workout essentially imo.

Plus talking about things like that is what leads to laws, morality and all that stuff anyway so it's not without its practical applications.

The whole idea of believing in god because it's a safe bet is good in theory but think about this. What if God is the bad guy and the Devil is playing David to his Goliath? After all based on the state of our world where corrupt people are the one's in power, good people struggle, innocent, defenseless people keep getting blown up while they enjoy meals at a cafe, or on the flip side have their shanty houses bulldozed because they're suspected of being terrorists, did ya ever think God might be getting a kick out of peoples misery? Is it really a safer bet to believe in that entity which enjoys our misery?

OK sorry I couldn't resist adding some bull**** but the thread is about philosophy ;)

Personally I do believe in God and the after life, but I like thinking about stuff like that. So far no lighting bolts...yet
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