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Default ESPN's Cowherd talking smack

This am, from his radio program, Colin Cowherd who also host ESPN's SportsNation is declaring that the current Bulls team will break many Chicago fans' hearts in the playoffs because they will lose.
He said while chuckling that no way this team can rely on Deng, Boozer and Noah as their 2nd, 3rd and 4th best players and that Rose, their top dog is only shooting 44%.
Interestingly tho, he also said a few days back that Boston is in serious trouble after hearing that Shaq will probably be not ready and healthy in the playoffs.
For me the Bulls biggest weakness is their lack of experience playing together in the playoffs.
Their strongest points are their defense esp on half court sets, their physicality which would help them control the boards, their depth interms of Thomas, Gibson and Asik being ready to step in, and last but not the least, Rose's ability to get high % shots and get to the line.
Question marks would be
1. Thibs ability to adjust from game to game basis
2. CJ Watson's ability to step in and play with poise when Rose is resting.
3. Deng's, Bogans' ability to shoot consistently
4. Korver's ability to really defend
5. Noah's ankle.

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