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Default I just found out I live in the same building as Michael Huff...Raiders FS

So last night coming home from the Mavs game there was convertable Lambo out front of my building...I asked the concierge "who's car is that?"

her: "oh that is Mike's"

me: "Mike who"?

her: "Huff, he lives here, has for a while now"

so my immediate thought was that this is old rich white guy named Mike Huff...who drives a Lambo

my curiosity caused me to look it, and is the NFL player...he grew up here and lives here...Michael Wayne Huff II

I had to come it here and brag about this to you guys...its kinda trippin me out a little right now...I will come home some nights and pop in the Madden and play and this whole time I never knew there was an NFL player right next to me, it's weird...same floor, about 3 units down, I am pretty much his next door building is nice and there are a few million $$$ units but I didn't know it was NFL nice...I am sure I have walked by him dozens of times and never thought anything about it at all...I likely brushed him off as some nobody after just playing against him in Madden, LOL

now I have to plot how to become his that I can hit the clubs with him and attend his after parties, use his celebrity to my advantage...hmm
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