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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by jaydacris
so apparently strikeforce is trying to get a fedor vs henderson match in july

Yeah, I r ead about that. They want to make it a catchweight but Hendo wants a heavyweight bout.

To continue story about MMA prohibition in Serbia, I took this from top Croatian sports site:

UFC in Serbia? It will not go, at least judging by the latest amendment of the local Law on the sports.

Specifically, Article 158, in which he writes: "It is forbidden to organize the participation of any sporting event that is based on the so-called free fight two or more persons, such as fighting in the cage and the like."

Be sure to be welcomed and praised the move Serbian legislators, who, we remind, in the wake of the German Supreme Court decision, that the televisions in that country bannned live telecast MMA fights.

Of course, this "sport" in Croatia, and even among our visitors have a lot of fans, (statistics say that this is the fastest growing sport in the world), but really we need to ask what does this has in common with a sport, a scene where we see two bloody gladiators who try break each other in the cage.

It was hard to believe at first that they wrote this crap as I always thought they don't hate MMA, but comments on this article are almost as bad as the article itself...

EDIT - I bolded the UFC part because it really shows their MMA knowledge...
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