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Default Re: Bayliss is so frusterating.... so many flashes but...

Originally Posted by Jballer
Another pretty spectacular game by JB.

(nice results from Johnson too).

But this type of game is really fresterating the H - e double hockey sticks - out of me.

Point Guard JB ? No
Shooting guard JB ? Maybe the way he jacked up the ball. Small 3 JB ?
The d effort was a mixed all game. Some nice plays and some bone heads.

I dunno where to place him - he is distributing the ball in a limited fashion but he is certainly providing change of pace; maybe he is off the bench as 6th man?

Good game but the flashes suggest he could do more if he had more patience and better shot selection.

He's a pretty decent combo-guard, unfortunately he lacks the court-view and the passing ability to be a full-time starting PG IMO.
I like him off the bench at the 1-2, but we'd need to let Barbosa go first, and give Bayless his role.
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