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Default Re: Bayliss is so frusterating.... so many flashes but...

Basically agree with Doko 100% there. Bayless could be a great 6th man, but I'd much rather we find another pg to run the first-team's offense more efficiently since it just isn't his game. I do find though that he plays much better as a starter than bench player like Bargs used to since it seems to boost his confidence (not hating or hijacking a thread, just the first Raptors example that comes to mind) which kind of concerns me about his potential as a 6th man.

I'd still like to keep the kid around barring some sort of trade where he had to be included to bring in some serious tallent. Not like we'll be world-beaters next year anyway so we have another year to give him some burn and see if he can adapt to starting or the 6th-man role better.
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