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Default Re: The *OFFICIAL* Europe vs. Canada thread

Originally Posted by bluerap
Good point.

I remember when the TJ vs. Jose argument was going on and no one said anything about euros. Perhaps because it was a 50/50 split, even the majority favouring Jose. But those were rational arguments and no one took it personally.

I think this thread should remain open, even sticky. If the thread bothers you, than you don't even have to open it. But at least when other threads get out of hand we can all direct posters back here.

Honestly even as recent as the Bosh debates, the Euro argument wasn't nearly as strong. Hell I was even someone who preferred Bargs at 10 mill to Bosh at max $$$ at one point since I thought he'd grow and not regress if given a shot, for which me and bokey had some relatively heated discussion that in no way involved Europe.

My opinions always have and always will depend on what a player accomplishes/can accomplish at the NBA level since that's what matters to the Toronto Raptors.
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