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Default Assessing the Knicks 2010-2011 Season

What were your expectations coming into the season and were they fufilled?

I personally expected the Knicks to be the 8th seed or at best 7th before the season started.

We held the 6th seed for a good part of the season. Even if we do finish 7th it feels to me that we overachieved.

Who do you credit the most for the Knicks being in this position?(excluding Donnie Walsh)

Honestly, Stoudemire couldn't have had a better first season with the Knicks. He rebounded pretty well this season, he's averaging around 25 points per game and most importantly he's stayed healthy. We paid him 100 million dollars to PLAY basketball and he's only missed 3 games at this point. For Amar'e Stoudemire, that's very good.

Also I think it is unfair to not give D'Antoni any props. Sure he had more then his fair share of questionable decisions but I if I remember correctly many people on this board thought D'Antoni could only get us an 8 seed IF THAT. He coached us at a point where we had won something like 13 out of 15 games or something like that, and that was BEFORE the Melo trade. He helped keep us at the 6th seed for a while, which was well beyond anybodys expectations.

He did coach us through rough strectches as well. Look at the time where we lost in strecthes though. One notable stetch was the weeks leading up to the trade, where players were constantly distracted with their names in the rumours. From Chandler to Gallo and especially Felton. All of these guys hit a wall around that time. All of these guys were traded.

The next memorable rough patch of games came soon after the Carmelo Anthony trade. We had basically a new NEW team which had very little practice time speant together. They had to build chemistry as they played and it showed when they lost 6 strait. The chemistry obviously came together because now that all the pressure and high expectations died down a little Carmelo D'Antoni and Stoudemire( for 5 games) lead us to a 7 game winning streak directly after the 6 game losing streak. Point being, lighten up on D'Antoni, he took the Knicks farther seed wise then I personally thought they would get.

6th seed was a dream to me. Who knows, theres 2 games left, it probably still is.
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