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Default Re: ESPN's Cowherd talking smack

I don't Think Cowherd is stupid like most of you think. The guys actually gets paid for his opinions, his shows are heard all over LA and even in Florida etc, Sportsnation etc. IMO, his logic and reasoning are fine, using other facts/stats that most fans don't even consider like Uconn's road record etc. Yes, he stirs things up to create controversy, irking some fans like us. But come on, who among us actually predicted that the Bulls would actually have the best record in the East, sweeping the Heat, beating out Boston etc? The reality is the Bulls have some question marks, but I remain hopefull bec of how they fared against top teams, having great momentum and will to win at the end of the season.
Seeing them win it all will even be more special for me bec that means Cowterd would be proven wrong once again, just when he said Aaron Rogers was overrated.
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