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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

I would have never guessed so many people would make the decision to stay in college another year. This is officially a really bad draft. I can see a lot of lottery teams trying to trade down now. Perry Jones just announced he was returning to Baylor.... It doesn't make much sense because he would have likely been a top 5 pick and Baylor's top recruit coming in plays a similiar game to his. With Barnes seeming like he won't be entering the draft either and Sullinger officially staying it makes drafting 7th look pretty bad this year. Kanter will likely be a top 5 pick now, which he probably shouldn't be. I think it means we'll probably end up with Brandon Knight or Kemba Walker now. I wasn't for trading down when I originally thought all of these players would have been smart enough to come out rather than wait until next year where they probably won't get drafted as high because it's a deeper draft. Now I'm thinking the best option might not just be to move down but maybe totally out of the first round. I guess nobody likes the thought of potentially getting drafted by Cleveland or Minnesota
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