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Default Re: NBA All-Star Game, Sunday 8PM ET on TNT

I was disappointed, with D'Antoni. I mean you have three great big men. One possibly in the top 10 of all time players (Duncan), the other a sure Hall of Famer (Garnett), and the third the best shooting big man that's ever played (Novitski). And you only play them at the same time once? Cmon that would have been special to see that a constant theme, these guys could have torn up!

And how about the West starters, all but one are likely to be Hall of Famers (I excluded T-Mac only because he's injury prone. If he stays healthy I believe he's there too). It was cool to see.

And how about Tim Duncan? The man passed on like 5 or 6 shots that are automatic for him, so that his teamates could get involved.
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