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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

Well I think Kemba and Knight are probalby the 2 least likely guys we would draft but that's just me. I think I want Vessely or Biyombo(sleeper). That Biyombo kid is blowing me away lately. He's from the Congo if you haven't heard of him. He just dominated the Nike Hoops summit. About 6'9, NBA body, about 5' more of a wingspan than Monroe though. Extremely intense and athletic on defense. Lots of Ben Wallace comparisons, more than Faried even as he is more athletic and more of a shot blocker. Huge gamble, but aren't we in position to do something like that at 7 rather than take some safe combo guard who won't help us win?

Vessely is like another AK 47 and he and Daye would make for an interesting forward combo. 2 6'11 guys at F would help you cover a lot of ground

Perry Jones wasn't ready. Smart move. He needs to learn what position he'll play and generally how to use that talent

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