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Default Re: Pistons Finally Sold

Just amazing news. Ideal owner and he'll keep them at the Palace and keep Joe, for life reportedly. I love it.

Drew Sharp's article was very intersting. Basically said if it wasn't for Davison nixing deals due to financial commitment, we would have signed Gordon but not Villanueva and then traded Rip in a deal for Boozer, probably including picks. Also we would have paid Avery Johnson to come over instead of settling for Kuester. Who knows if true, but it gives you an idea of how hamstrung Joe has been. He has drafted well of late, but he surely would have not had both Rip and Gordon on the roster if he had more flexibility and Kuester wouldn't be the coach either most likely, at the least.

Since we couldn't get Boozer and only had 7 mil of space, much of which would have gone away in a year due to contract raises and draft pick signings, taking a gamble on CV's talent made sense IMO.
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