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Default Re: Piston draft prospects

I think there's a chance that Vesely could fall to us, but I actually think his stock is going up and he could get drafted before we have a chance to pick him. With that said, I'm not completely sold on him yet either. Although, I think he does have the best highlight films of all the European prospects including Kanter. I think there's more "upside and potential" with Vesely than the other Europeans. Some people have him projected as high as #3 now.... (which really shows how bad this draft has become over the last few weeks).

The person I really don't want is Donatas Motiejunas. I've been doing some searching around on all the European guys and he is the one that really looks like he could be a bust. There was one of his highlight films that really didn't even show him playing basketball.... That tells me he doesn't have the experience or a good enough game. If you can't even put together a good highlight film there's a problem. Even high schoolers can do that.

We need to think about this... Williams and Irving are obviously going 1 and 2. There's nothing really left after that. So you know Kanter will end up getting drafted, probably Jan Vesely, and someone will more than likely be dumb enough to grab Donatas Motiejunas. That's still only 5 picks (and I'm not saying that's 1-5 in any order). So that really only leaves guys like Walker, Knight, and Jonas Valanciunas. One of the Morris twins will probably sneak up a little higher too (of which I hope we don't draft either).

I watched the Nike Hoop Summit this past Saturday night. Sure Biyombo had a nice game. I wasn't that impressed with the international team. They actually had a ton more size than the US team. The US team was going to have a tough time inside any way around it. They only had that one guy who was a legit big man. Everybody else was pretty under sized playing out of position. I'm not going to say I'm sold on him because of one game. He did some decent things in Europe. Rebounding is one thing that always translates when heading to the NBA and so is shot blocking. He could be a liablility on offense. He definitely has a lot to learn yet. If Kanter somehow dropped (since some think Valanciunas might go before him) I'd take him first.

Overall I'm still kind of up in the air with who I want with the draft. I'm not overly excited with anyone, anymore.

What is everyone's thoughts on the 2nd round? If JuJuan Johnson doesn't get picked up I'd love to take a chance on him. Other than that I was actually thinking about Shelvin Mack or Darius Morris. I like big PG's and I think they have a chance. Plus I kind of like the idea of just stacking up on a whole bunch of the same position in the 2nd round (last year we had White), because we all know most 2nd rounders don't typically make it in the league. At least with drafting 2 or 3 guys at the same position in the 2nd round there's the hope that at least one of them is a guy who will make the rotation. There's also Jeremy Tyler (if anyone has ever heard about him). He's the big kid from San Diego that decided to skip college and go pro overseas. He was projected to be a lottery pick and then had a tough time adjusting as a 17/18 year old over there and just didn't fit in so his stock fell. I actually think he might be worth a gamble. Some mock drafts have him at the end of the 1st round, some have him at the very end of the 2nd round.
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